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Silvelox Design door represents manufacturing excellence in garage doors, security entrance doors, and architectural systems.

Siilvelox proposal has been standing out for over 60 years thanks to the ability to create new solutions in which the various product performances (thermal brake, burglar-proof, acoustic abatement, fire rating) meet the highest level of care for design, materials, and finishings. The company, throughout its history, has been focusing on re-thinking the concept of “door” transforming it into a highly advanced and technological custom-made system that is the centerpiece of any architectural project.

Thanks to handcrafted know-how and an internal production process that guarantees maximum flexibility, Silvelox, in addition to its vast catalog of products which is continuously evolving, distinguishes itself in the global market as an attentive and punctual supplier able to develop bespoke solutions. Silvelox is a brand and a business unit of Silvelox Group Spa based in Castelnuovo (TN) and can boast of its position as a market leader both in Italy and abroad.

Design Doors

Silvelox involves the two classic thresholds of the building, the entrance door, and the garage door, integrating them into the more general concept of cladding, as a unitary and qualifying treatment of the architectural envelope and its base.

The entrance door, garage door, and cladding, completed by a series of accessories, such as light, become a continuous system available to the designer and the client who are looking for elegant, refined, and innovative solutions.

Silvelox realizes custom-made doors with full architectural respect for the place and personal styles. For decades, Silvelox products have been recognized by the Superintendence of Fine Arts for properties of interest and by the Italian Historic Houses Association. 


"Each Silvelox door is a unique and handcrafted creation, a versatile and tailor-made closing system: like a tailor, the company “cuts and sews” the product tailored to the customer's wishes, finishing it in the details."


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