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Kitchen as a moment of aggregation wherein conviviality and creativity merge Copatlife designs models which help to live this space as unique and special. Matter, design, technology to give security and contemporary solutions to the project. Creating contents and models to interpret at best the multiple needs of daily living.

A space, like an idea, is not predefined concept. In architecture, each element must dialogue with the context, with the space around it and, above all, with the expressive and architectural freedom. Copatlife introduces Way of Life, a design philosophy of the kitchen environment that transversely combines the modules of all Copatlife systems; from special elements to the most innovative configurations to complete the project with the finishes and the stylistic mood in line with the expectations of the user’s habits. Designing does not mean imposing a way of living space, but inspiring the mind of those who are about to live it.


Those who choose Copatlife, choose their #wayoflife.


To give birth to a new product means to seek the perfect balance between form and function. An action that requires attention, culture, intuition. Behind the Copatlife systems, there is intelligence, freedom, and creativity. The material is transformed into a surface and becomes a representation of a stylistic personality. In fact, each system is born from an inspiration that captures the senses; when a designer designs for us, he knows that what interests us is an idea capable of inspiring those around him, of involving and hitting the attention at the same time. The final mood that runs through the product is Copatlife's expressive habitat.


" In Copatlife we believe that the present and the future should be seen together: the present to be concrete and the future to be innovative.

With our design we want to offer a new point of view in the world of cooking, to tell “
another story” with a young and dynamic language."


Modern Italian Kitchens

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