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GRANORTE is a Portuguese family company, founded in 1972, with the aim of creating products in cork, using the remains from the wine cork stoppers manufacturing industry. Historically, the Figueiredo da Rocha family-owned five factories, being one of the most important producers of natural cork stoppers. Understanding the importance of creating value from the cork leftovers of their factories, the family founded GRANORTE and the horizons opened up to a new business.

Paving the way with technical, creative, and sustainable solutions using cork, the company has been recognized over the years by important collaborations and international awards such as iF, Iconic Awards, Green Good Design, and German Design Award.


Today, GRANORTE is a leading manufacturer of environmentally responsible products dedicated to building and interior design.

Why Cork?

Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree, which grows in the Mediterranean region of the world. This tree has a life span of about 200 years and it must be 20 to 25 years old before it can provide its first harvest of cork. The cork harvesting is made in a sustainable way and does not harm the tree which is never cut down or removed.


The cork oak remains the only tree whose bark can regenerate itself after harvest leaving the tree unharmed. Furthermore, the cork oak tree has the remarkable capacity to retain carbon making it a naturally sustainable product contributing to the preservation of the environment and unique habitat in the world.


This noble, biodegradable and fully recyclable material has precious qualities like lightness, impermeability, resiliency, sound, and thermal insulation, among others. Moreover, it has remarkable sensory and emotional characteristics: it is comfortable, warm, and pleasant to the touch.


Cork is the perfect environmentally friendly material and it is the ideal option for floor or wall coverings.

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"Using only the best raw materials and state-of-the-art technology, we seek perfection each and every day, ensuring that our products meet all technical and quality requirements."

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NATURALS | Traditional Cork Floating Floors

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