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Lym is an innovative entrepreneurial reality operating in the energy distribution and lighting field that believes in a new concept of space, in which humans can improve the quality of their private and professional life, within civil and residential architectures. A patented project developed and engineered by Lym in a two years-long process. The aim of this innovative technology is to revolutionize the interaction between humans and power, by positioning humans in the center of the System, making them the absolute leaders of their homes, that constantly adapt to their inhabitants’ needs.

The System introduces invisible charging stations integrated within walls and ceilings, where it is possible to place different devices chargeable through a derivation of the wireless technology, with a simple gesture. A true revolution within architectural spaces, where the technology by Lym is integrated respecting the current construction standards.

The Mother Element

The mother element of the System is K–Wireless, a plasterboard panel with power supply features, that can be installed within walls or ceilings and connected to the electrical system.

To complete the System, Lym offers a wide range of lighting devices, battery-powered lamps, devices like audio speakers, and a series of magnetic accessories to decorate different types of ambiances, functional cable-free objects that can be freely placed by the user at any moment and in any room of the house.


The System revolutionizes and rationalizes the concept of illumination, giving a real answer to the users’ needs
of functionally and aesthetically reconfigure their homes, introducing in its surfaces the possibility of supply power and support different types of devices, electronic and not electronic, that can cover all the sensorial areas of interest creating a unique experience for the user during every daily action.


"People and spaces are constantly evolving, our way of living and our needs are transforming too. It

is on these premises that a new model of interaction with light and energy takes shape, a model in which humans stand in the center of a System that grows and incessantly adapts to their lives."


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LYM Innovation Lighting

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