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Salis is a “young” company with 90 years of successful history behind it, which looks to the future with enthusiasm and great determination, aware of being the reference on the market for those who want technical design surfaces in wood.

In a world more and more demanding for authentic, innovative, and nice products, Salis believes that diversity holds the difference between “be distinguished” and “be extinguished”; This is the reason why they don’t define ourselves as “wood flooring manufacturers” but as “Creators moving through the matter”.

Salis represents a story made of hard work and great craftsmanship but also filled with passion and determination in being different in a world more and more oriented towards numbers and conformism. In an always flatter and more globalized market, we still love to impress with the added value of being unique.

 Textured Natural Surfaces

With over 10 deeply diverse ranges of wooden flooring - Salis designs advanced technical design surfaces for those who want uniqueness, diversity, performance, and technology. But above all, for all those who demand pure emotion from a wooden surface.

In the perspective of manufacturing safe and guaranteed products, the raw material is being selected with expertise and professional ability. Their woods are provided with all certificates attesting our full disclosure and attention toward the ecosystem.


Salis offers tailor-made production: custom surfaces, tailored on request, complex patterns, and specific demands accomodating the always more informed and evolving market. Every single project is developed by a team of experts and professionals responsible for providing the best solution for specific jobs, together with assistance and guarantees on the realized product.


"We believe that products are only the synthesis of the stories that we are able to tell first, and then materialize.

We believe in everything that makes our heart beat faster and we are passionate about people who make us beat faster."

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