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ABOUT Finish Parkiet


For nearly 50 years, the family-owned company has championed the beauty of wooden floors, maintaining the highest standards and setting trends in the industry. Originating as "Lamparkiet" Woodworks and evolving into the renowned "Finishparkiet" Parquet Factory under the guidance of Zygmunt Dabrowski, the company has passionately crafted superior-quality products with precise finishes.


Their groundbreaking introduction of the double-layer single-lamella 14-millimeter-thick parquet set a global standard for others in the field. Offering flagship products like Finishparkiet (Parquet) and Finishdeska (Board), their pivotal moment arrived in 2015 with the introduction of innovative products like Finishjodła Francuska (Chevron) and Finishdeska XXL (Board XXL), marking a significant breakthrough in their product range and development.

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