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Taking care of your priced woodfloor!

You've just got this great looking real wood floor but are worried about scratching or damaging it? Don't worry!

Salis Wood Flooring

Whether your wood floors are solid, engineered, or reclaimed wood, the general upkeep routine should be the same. Just follow these few simple steps and you're well on your way to enjoying your beautiful wooden floor for years to come!

1. Vaccum the floor regularly Keeping the floor free of any food or other debris is key. Walking on a woodfloor with debris on your shoes is akin to using a sandpaper! So make sure the surface is clean all the time. Using a high suction vacuum cleaner with a flat attachment works best. 2. Use the right cleaning products Harsh chemicals and treatments can damage or spoil the finish of your floor. Different finishes require different treatments and so for deeper cleaning, its best to use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer or your supplier. 3. Keep the floor Dry (as much as possible) Water (even steam) is NOT a woodfloor' best friend. Water causes the wood to expand and damange the floor. So make sure the floor is kept dry. 4. Touch up those scratches However much you try to avoid getting them, scratches on a wooden floor are inevitable. if you do want to get rid of them, using a stain marker from a wood furniture touch-up kit can help reduce or even eleminate superficial ones. 5. Recoating Over the years, a woodfloor is bound to experience normal wear and tear. Recoating allows you to bring back the luster and life of the finish by simply applying a fresh coat of the finish to the floor. This also protects and prolongs the life of the woodfloor. 6. Recognising the warning signs Wood is a natural product and reacts to the temperature and humidity in its environment. Too much moisture on, around, or below the wood, leads to cuping. Eliminating the source of moisture stops this from occurring. Very dry conditions induce gapping, cracking, and splitting. Increasing humidity eliminates this. Understanding and recognising these causes and effects allow you to take corrective actions in time and maintain your woodfloor.

The beauty of the woodfloor is that by following these simple routines, one can continue to enjoy its beauty for many many years to come. #bloggingtips #woodfloors #blackoak #


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